We have the perfect program for you - no matter your current level of fitness and goals - we can help you reach them! Our FIVE fitness programs cover all your training needs. If you're looking to challenge yourself with our sweat 60 program, build muscle, develop your olympic lifting, or just get in a good sweat for 30 minutes - we've got you covered!


Our 60 minute CrossFit class.


Sweat 60 is high intensity training at it’s finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements - everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, so get ready to get after it!

Classes SIX days a week!


Our 45 minute class format.

Sweat 45 will help build your base fitness and get you STRONG.

Each class features a strength & skill session followed by a workout. Workouts feature everything from cardio and bodyweight exercises to dumbbells and squats!

M-F @ 7am

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Our 30 Minute Class – fast paced and FUN!  Workouts combine simple bodyweight, gymnastics and light lifting movements for a high-intensity workout.  Classes are short, sweet, and sweaty!


Our Sports Performance class.  Exercises focus on single leg balance, eccentric muscle control, and core stability - creating a more durable and efficient athlete.


 Coaches provide individualized instruction and supervise each training session.  Our focus is on building a solid base of positional strength and stability - the key to unlocking full athletic capacity.

Classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday


Join our USAW club, lead by Level 2 USAW coaches.

Training programs focus on the snatch, clean & jerk, squat, press, and other accessory exercises.

Our class is designed for any level Olympic weightlifting athlete- picking up the barbell for the first time or preparing for a National meet, we've got you covered.

Looking for a custom 3, 4, or 5 day program?  We've got you covered!

Classes Wednesday and Saturday - Open Lifting SEVEN days a week

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